Rx Drug Coverage

Medicare Rx drug coverage (Medicare Part D) is offered through Medicare approved insurance companies. This is a relatively new but important benefit as it can help significantly with the costs of Rx drugs.

Although some Medicare Advantage plans offer Rx drug coverage as part of their benefits package, not all do. In addition, Medicare Supplement plans do not offer
outpatient Rx coverage. Even if you don’t have high Rx drug costs now, it’s important to consider this coverage as there can be a penalty for enrolling after your initial eligibility.

Plan benefits and premiums can vary significantly and the suitability of a plan for you will depend greatly on the specific Rx drugs you are taking. Choosing the right plan can be a confusing and time consuming process without the right guidance.

To see how a Medicare Rx Drug plan would benefit you, speak to one of Pinnacle’s friendly insurance professionals.

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Rx Drug Coverage